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Article: Why Natural Stones is the Best For Paving Slabs?

Why Natural Stones is the Best For Paving Slabs?
Natural Stone

Why Natural Stones is the Best For Paving Slabs?

Choosing the right paving slab is critical in defining your outdoor space. However, picking the best paving slabs from the plethora of options available in the paving industry can be difficult. In this article, we will go over why natural stone is best for paving to help you make an informed decision when designing your outdoor space.

Indian natural stone paving slabs have always ranked first due to their unrivalled advantages over other paving materials. These paving slabs are available in a variety of colours and sizes. Universal Paving is a leading online paving retailer in the UK that offers Indian natural stone paving slabs. The following are the reasons why natural stone paving slabs are the best among all.

What Makes Indian Natural Stone Slab Best for Paving?

Amongst a range of natural stones available, Indian natural sandstone is the best material to create a lively, potential and appealing outdoor space. Here is why:

  • It is Ideal for Driveways

Our outdoor space is meant to bear heavy pressure and weight. Indian natural sandstone has immense strength due to its natural origin. It is formed from sedimentary rock under extreme conditions, which makes it a very hard material. It is ideal for bearing foot pressure and vehicle pressure.

  • It Comes in Appealing Shades

The natural shades of Indian sandstone are stunning. Kandla grey paving slabs are available in light and dark grey shades; Raj Green, natural sandstone slabs, are available in brown, greenish, grey, and tangy shades. Camel dust has rustic red, brown, cream, and grey shades, and fossil mint is also available in impressive shades, and so on. Paving slabs come in a wide range of styles to suit your outdoor space.

  • It is Elegant Yet Non-slippery

All kinds of Indian natural stone paving slabs have great appeal. These are available in both raven and glossy textures. These are non-porous paving materials with shiny and clean surfaces. Natural venation makes these slabs more attractive. These slabs are ideal for walking, running and playing.

  • It Requires Low Maintenance

The smooth surface of Indian natural stone slabs makes them easier to clean. Because of their high strength, these are less prone to cracking and damage. Because of exposure to the outside environment, such as rain, sunlight, and dust, the shades of sandstone slabs lighten, but they become more appealing and glossier.

  • It is Accessible and Affordable

Natural sandstone slabs are widely available. These are less expensive than other types of paving. Furthermore, installing these slabs in any type of ground base is quite simple.

All of the above factors combine to make Indian natural sandstone the best paving slabs ideal for outdoor use.

Universal Paving provides high-quality natural sandstone paving slabs. Kandla grey sandstone, raj green, fossil mint, camel dust, quartz white, and a variety of other paving slabs are all available. You can buy Indian natural sandstone slabs in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colours to suit the needs of your patio, garden, and driveway.

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