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Your Stone travels a considerable distance before reaching your doorstep and is fragile during the transit. Whist, we try to ensure that each crate is safely and securely packed.

It is firmly industry-advised to order 10% + of the total material required. These extra slabs will cover wastage, mishaps, and natural variations and as well prevent delaying projects and save many other indirect costs. 


If any breakages have occurred in transit, there is no cause for concern and we have a simple claims procedure in place to ensure that it covers you for any damage noted upon delivery that affects over 10% of your order.

Please ensure that the goods were signed as ‘Damaged’ or ‘ Unchecked’, as per our advice on accepting your delivery, and provide the following information within 48 hours of accepting delivery via email to Or you can call us on 07480959706

Please follow the guidelines to submit a claim-

  • Good quality images which evince the breakages. Include the whole slab(s) and show the front & back along with the detailed description.
  • Maximum of 2 slabs per photo.
  • An accurate count up of how many slabs have been affected, including the dimensions of each slab if you are unpacking the crates.
  • Finally, be sure to add your order number to the email.

Once we have received the images and all the related details, allow us the time of 14 working days to review and get back to you. Please ensure that you have provided all the information to us, otherwise, it will not count as a successful submission for a claim.

Minor marks to the surface, edge, or corner of a slab can occur when handling or during transportation. These will not affect the performance of the slab and cannot be claimed.

For more details please see our Terms & Conditions.