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Article: Understanding the Benefits of Sawn and Honed Indian Sandstone

Understanding the Benefits of Sawn and Honed Indian Sandstone
Indian Sandstone

Understanding the Benefits of Sawn and Honed Indian Sandstone

We all are aware of the smooth surfaces and slabs. But sawn and honed Indian sandstone is different in many senses. It doesn’t have a slippery surface. It is smooth enough to feel but doesn’t slip while walking. The honed look like created one step earlier before the final stage of finishing. Of course, the completely polished stone may become slippery, but the sawn and honed sandstone does have some grip and traction on the surface.

Mark More About Sawn and Honed Indian Sandstones

The surface is an important aspect when it comes to sandstone paving. But there are other concepts to focus upon. There is much more to know about sawn and honed sandstones. There is a proper process to be followed for forming such sandstone for multipurpose usage.

Here comes the ‘sawn six sides’ process in which the sawn stone is cut precisely with machine technology. The process takes place right down to the millimeter on all six sides and from here, the process’ name comes.

After cutting, the sawn stones get moved to the honing process. They are honed to smoothen (but not slippery). This step ensures the aesthetic appearance of the sandstone to make the landscape more appealing. The process enhances the natural appearance of paving. Since the formation of such stones is natural, no honing (or polishing) process can ever replicate one with another.

The excess polishing can make them slippery and the pathways must be rusty enough. Therefore, honing of sawn stone keeps it a little rowdy to cushion the easy walk with some grip on the ground. The creamy yellow or beige-like appearance of the sawn and honed Indian sandstone.

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Why Should You Choose Them as Your Paving Slabs?

The natural sawn and honed sandstone is one of those ultimate alternatives that you can freely use for your paving. You always need sandstone paving that goes perfectly for different scenarios (or conditions). These sandstones are perfect for both indoor and outdoor purposes. With the amazing appearance and feel, sawn and honed paving is always preferable, especially the Indian ones.

They exhibit a modern aesthetic appearance which is derived through various processes. From the machine cut to honing, its matt finish is ultimate and of course, ideal for several contemporary landscaping projects.

The machine cut serves the precision enormously. The slabs are précised to the nearest millimeter on each side. The sawn process ensures perfection with each slab. Here are more reasons to prefer these slabs –

  • You can find varieties of colors and patterns.
  • The intricate patterns will offer uniqueness to each paving.
  • The delicate process of sawn enhances the natural charm.
  • Though the manmade (or machinery) intervention is involved, nature’s carving glisters from each slab.
  • Since uniqueness is the core element of this paving idea, if any slab gets damaged, the replacement won’t mess up the appearance.
  • The varying texture and tones of each slab will redefine your paving every time.
  • The crisp and straight lines facilitate close jointing and that is why it is great for outdoor spaces.
  • The water-resistant quality of slabs doesn’t make them slippery when wet.
  • It owns incredible durability and therefore it is worth to invest for your place.
  • The sawn and honed sandstone is weather-resistant and so, your outdoors can become safer.

Considerable Points

You can never avoid the ambiance’s effect when you put anything outdoors. The natural stone patios have to bear nature’s impacts when placed in the courtyard or garden-like places. Once you install them, it becomes obvious for them to tolerate the loads and other things.

Though the weather is an important constraint to consider outdoors, there are many more related things with the pathways. The paving may face scuff and scratch which is fairly possible. Though it is a rock, it is comparatively softer and if some pointy thing is dragged on the same forcefully, it may scratch the surface. Animal claws, furniture, and other accidents may cause such damage.

You need to be careful enough while handling them. The sawn and honed Indian sandstone is perfectly flat and a bit of care becomes important for almost every type of paving. Though scratches are a matter of consideration, you can replace them anytime if the damages are major (or unavoidable).

Apart from this, the other important thing is staining. Sandstone is liable enough to stain. If the colored liquid spillages are not found earlier, they may penetrate deep down and become permanent stains for your paving.

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Explore Today

No matter what, sawn and honed sandstone is perfect for your place as it serves you with the best appealing paving option. ‘Universal Paving’ guarantees perfection with each slab you buy. It is incredible and of course, the choicest alternative available to honed Indian sandstone.

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